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These are rules for posting on the blog.

We use a G-rated filter on incoming posts. Save yourself the trouble of writing a post with profanity. I won’t even get to see it.

This blog is specifically provided as an opportunity of rebuttal for those who have read and understand the Five Articles discussed on the Front Page. In general, I would like statements to be backed up by journal citations where appropriate. This is not intended to be a general discussion group on abiogenesis, where people make statements that show they have not read nor understood the material. I have made some fairly strong charges about the state of abiogenesis. This is an opportunity for legitimate rebuttal to those who disagree.

A spam filter will reject any posts with more than one URL address in it. Journal citations should give a doi: number, but not a complete URL. A Google search on a doi: number will generally show where a copy of the article can be accessed.

The preferred format of a citation is Author Name (maximum of three otherwise et al after the first), Year of publication, Article Title, Journal name, and doi: number.

I take issue of the modern approach in science established by Thomas Huxley 150 years ago. Huxley used arguments ad hominum to avoid discussing issues. Anyone attempting to show how observed science contradicted materialism would be personally attacked and slandered vociferously. This became Huxley’s excuse to ignore the content of the person’s argument. To me this is fake science. It is placing personal philosophical preferences above honest scientific discussion of observed data. The purpose of this blog is to provide a vehicle where open, honest discussion can take place. Articles with personal attacks will not be published, or if one becomes published, it will be removed without comment. If you have a valid case to make in rebuttal to my claims, make sure you present the material respectfully.

Currently, any registered WordPress user can post a comment. In time more stringent requirements may be added if necessary.

A little over a decade ago I had a brief dialogue with a chemistry professor who took issue that I have a B.S. and “that is only in physics, not chemistry or biology.” He then asked me, “What right do you have to challenge the whole of modern science?” He cut off the conversation before I could answer his question with the important one: “What right does the whole of modern science have to challenge the living, Creator God, who can create an entire galaxy in an instant, placing every atom and molecule in it exactly where He wanted it, and not even get tired? He created billions of them.”

The Bible tells us of the proper attitude we should have, “You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created” (Revelation 4:11). Woe to the person who rebels in his heart against giving the Creator God His rightful honor and authority. A person cannot do this without incurring serious consequences.

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